Dual Purpose Gundogs for Work and Show


From January 2012, the procedure dog owners are required to go through to travel with their pets has changed.

Now, the following rules must be observed:

Dog must be microchipped

Dog must have 'pet passport'

Dog must have current rabies vaccination (and should have been administered more than 21 days ago)

Dog must have been treated for tapeworm, by a vet, 1 - 5 before travelling into the UK

HOWEVER - I strongly reccommend that you continue to treat your dog for fleas and ticks alongside tapeworm, even though it is no longer required. A good combination is FRONTLINE and MILBEMAX. 


 The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was developed in the 19th Century as a all-purpose hunting dog that would find game and retrieve on both land and water. 

 A member of the sub-group of gundogs known as the HPR (Hunt, Point and Retrieve) the GSP is a versatile air-scenting dog who should be able to work all day in the field, but be well mannered enough to live in the family home also.

 The GSP translates as Braque Allemand a Poil Court (French), Deutsch Kurzhaar (German) and Duitse Staande Hond, Korthaar (Dutch).

About Conformation and Angulation

When judging a GSP, the breed should be judge to the breed standard in that particular country.

Click here to read the UK and FCI breed standards 

If you read nothing else, you MUST read 'The German Shorthaired/De Deutsch Kurzhaar Illustrated Standard' by Georgina Byrne. The following are taken from her book and describe the perfect conformation and movement of a GSP.

 These pictures are property of Georgina Bryne







 Various links that may be of interest (these websites should be credited to the various registered owners, not myself)

Front Angulation

Front Angulation 2

The hocks

Health Testing

It is important, when making the decision to breed from your animals, that you carry out relevant and important health tests to ensure any puppies you produce are free from hereditary defects. As a breeder, owner and dog lover it is your duty to ensure these are carried out with satisfactory results before a mating makes place. 

In my personal opinion, it is important to test a GSP for:

 Hip Scoring

 Eye Test

 Heart Test (Basic Type)

Other breed-specific tests are available, such as the cone degeneration test and the test for EBJ.