Dual Purpose Gundogs for Work and Show

The Calendar Project

Hogan is a true 'people person' and loves nothing more than being the centre of attention. After taking a couple of 'fun' pictures of him in various poses, we decided to collect a few pictures together and make them into a calendar. When it is finished, hopefully we will be able to sell a few copies and donate the proceeds to a worthwhile charity. 

January - The Office Junior

February - Watch this Space!

March - Watch this space!

April - Delia Smith 'eat your heart out'

May - Growing Old Disgracefully

June - Splish Splash I was takin' a bath!

July - Watch this space!

August - Just call me Bob the Builder

September - The Good Life

October - Fright Night

November - The True Versatile Gundog

December - Merry Christmas to all!