Dual Purpose Gundogs for Work and Show

The Kennels Project 2011

Although our dogs live in the house, there are certain times were they need somewhere safe to stay whilst we are out. We decided to turn one of the old sheds in our garden into a block of two kennels. We have tried to recycle as much as possible, and so the only thing 'new' we have used are the aluminium frames for the 'inside' part of the kennels. 

The kennels are pretty much finished and are in regular use! The dogs love them (probably something to do with getting their tripe when they go in them) and are really settled. They only stay in there during the day while I am at work, and despite the kennels being heated, if it gets too cold they stay in the house.

Here are some pictures, there are a few little jobs left to do, and we will do a paint through when the weather gets a little better later in the year.




























Here are some pictures of the ongoing project:

Very near completion now!







Fencing coming along 



Path Getting there now 




Concreting finished



Next panel up:




Nearly finished one fence panel 


Old family tradition!



Old stable mats (retrieved from the depths of the garage) ready for power washing)


More concrete



Starting the fencing



More concrete




Start of the pathway 




Starting to concrete the outside runs



The fencing cut ready (donated from a building site so completely free!)




Mr Fix It (Dad) building up the wall 

Windows replaced with perspex for safety 

Attempting to train fruit trees to go round the arch-way - mission impossible! 

The kitchen is being installed - removed from a house having a new kitchen put in, completely free but useful for dog food preparation and storage! 

The outside runs are in progress 


 Hogan wants to help dig the soakaway!

Inside frames purchased from the internet. I chose to purchase new frames as they would be safer than building our own from recycled materials.  

 The floor ready for levelling

Drainage - the floor inside was levelled towards a central drain leading to a soak away - enabling the kennels to be hosed down inside and out.

 Entrances for the dogs. The glass in the windows above was removed and replaced with sheets of plastic for safety.

 The builder - Daddy!

A 'before' picture - an unused storage shed